What is COBCOE Connects?

COBCOE Connects is a new online service to help member companies to grow their businesses through easy access to contacts in new markets.

By joining together online, chambers of commerce and business associations create a unique, fast-growing digital platform that gives members a trusted environment for business growth:

  • A simple way to access new opportunities
  • Selected contacts in, or from, new markets
  • Known and trusted international networks
  • Advanced B2B matchmaking

Participating Networks

A unique personal touch

A unique personal touch

COBCOE Connects combines the best of technology with the expertise of respected business organisations. It is moderated by local chambers and organisations with in-depth knowledge of the local markets and/or sectors, who can offer follow-on support.

COBCOE Connects partners

Why COBCOE Connects?

Business development is critical for any business, but it can be

  • Hard to do, expensive and very time consuming if you only rely on traditional methods to develop personal contacts, such as trade fairs and trade missions
  • Ineffective if you only rely on online platforms and communication to identify opportunities, where you may run the risk of dealing with unknown partners

COBCOE Connects combines the best of both worlds

COBCOE Connects is the solution

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