British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania

Since its establishment in 1999, the BCCL has built a strong reputation as a trusted and reliable partner. Our members and local partners value us for our professional attitude and our ability to respond to their needs. The Chamber's professional viewpoint is well respected in the Lithuanian business market and our members are frequently requested to give opinions in the media on UK & Lithuanian business matters and cultural issues. Our access to Lithuanian Government and public institutions help us facilitate a constructive dialogue on matters relating to improving the business environment in Lithuania. We are a member of COBCOE – the network of the British Chambers of Commerce in Europe.

Our vision

  • To be recognised as a valuable, open, business driven community

Our mission

  • To provide a platform for exchange of best practice, knowledge and expertise
  • To promote engagement of members through effective business networking
  • To promote and facilitate international trade and access to global opportunities

Our goals

  • To increase International trade & business opportunities through the UK
  • To transform our offering and expand our digital footprint
  • To deliver events that provide access to quality content & innovation on current and relevant topics
  • To increase the level of engagement of decision makers with the chamber & to attract young businesses and start-ups as members

Our values

  • Excellence, Community, Tradition, Collaboration

The BCCL offers a wide range of events which aim to meet the different interests of our members and the business community in general. Events are open to members & non-members. Emphasis is given to guest speakers and lecturers from the UK, "hot" and practical business topics, promotion of UK cultural traditions in Lithuania, and the practical integration of new members into the chamber's network. Up to 30 events are organised each year. Events include: our Monthly Business Breakfast Briefings, the Annual General Meeting, New Members' Evenings, Training Workshops, Social Events, Political Briefing Lunches, and Joint Events with other chambers operating in Lithuania.

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